Should people live for themselves or for the sake of others?

People are created in the blink of an eye and the presence of others is your power, a purpose of existence, a craving desire. The craving desire of mankind exists merely out of competitiveness, which enhances their competitive nature. For mankind, competitiveness only amounts to two goals: to draw the attention of the others, to achieve more and to secure better advantages. From the fundamental “eating their fill and dressing warmly”, to the dispute of rights.

We live in the society, by our relatives’ and friends’ side. They are your motivation in the pursuit of our desire, if you don’t interract with them you will lose motivation, if a problem appears you will give up. And even if you achieve your desire, what then?
Only by being by their side can you discover their value and contribute to them achieving their goals. This is a responsibility. A way of fulfilling our responsibilities. Can you imagine living a life where only you existed in this world? In this scenario, you will indeed handle all the power, sometimes even ”life” itself.

”Living for the sake of others” and ”living for your own sake” is a relative concept.When a person lives for the sake of others, happiness is relative. Doing everything for the sake of others is tiring and makes you lose yourself; doing everything for yourself is also tiring and selfish
Giving everything for others is too tiring, and you will lose yourself; doing everything for your sake will be tiring, but also selfish. People live without knowing their purpose on Earth, my opinion is to live for the sake of others.
This question can be answered in philosophical terms: the purpose should be living for the sake of others as well as living for our own sake. These are opposite purposes, but also complement each other. If you make others happy, you yourself will be happy or if you’re happy, others also feel happy for you which is a wonderful thing. I think it should be mentioned that people can lead their own lives, not just live as the shadow of others and if you are happy, the other people will also be happy.

In the immense universe, people are just a tiny being from Earth, a special kind of material formation that the space and matter have created. However, this material formation has life and a higher level of thinking which emerges the question of its existence.

This can be perceived as follows: human beings have similar characteristics as matter does such as: emersion, extinction, transformation, and so on. Its meaning is to embody the transformation and existence of matter in the universe. Moreover, a person’s birth is not determined by his own will, but by mankind and his kin, therefore the purpose of his advent cannot be for his own sake.

Nature, mankind and your kin are what brought you into this world as a member of the society, to spread your inheritance with the world (including your family) and fight for a good life. Therefore, people have a mutual purpose, that of how to make human beings (including “myself”) to live a long and better life in this universe. This is the point where you, humanity and your family share a common goal in life.

When handling affairs, people always contemplate between the two (though sometimes unconsciously), but individuals have different outlooks on the world, different knowledge, values, psychological harmony, and their interests are not the same. Some people focus on themselves, and some people focus on community.
In fact, people’s craving desire is to fulfill their responsibility; responsibility for life and a moral responsibility. Living is merely a mutual give and take process. If you are worthy, the others will acknowledge your existence and you will understand the meaning of life. If you are not worthy, then you will be similar to a stone, no one will notice you.

When going for a stroll, would you notice a stone? You would not, because it doesn’t have any value for you. It is nothing but a piece of stone. The people around you may catch your interest because they are human beings and they are valuable for you. Even though they are just sitting next to you, it makes you feel you are not alone and that you are alive. The value lies in the give and take action, people take from you and you take from people. This is the innate character of life, and your pursuit of desire is only for fulfilling its responsibilities. To live means to fulfill your responsibility.

Therefore you have to live for yourself and also live to make other people happy. The most important thing is to be joyful from your heart and if you are a loving person, your purpose is to help other people, make them happy and receive happiness from them.


Text tradus de Claudia Toader

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